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Ville Rusanen Artist of the Year 2014

Ville Rusanen Artist of the Year 2014 The Artist of the Year tradition established at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in 1978 now continues after a brief interval.

Ville Rusanen (baritone), Artist of the Year 2014, will be giving a recital of his own and making his Festival debut as Kimmo in Aulis Sallinen’s Kullervo. There were, says the Festival’s Artistic Director Jorma Silvasti, many reasons why he chose Rusanen as Artist of the Year 2014.

“It’s actually incredible that a young singer who has guested at places like the Finnish National Opera, La Scala and Lyon is only now making his debut with us in Savonlinna. He has all the makings of a future ‘national baritone’, just like Tommi Hakala. We will, I’m sure, be hearing both of them for decades to come.”

Silvasti has often talked about encouraging young singers. But though this Artist of the Year is a promising young singer, it does not, says Silvasti, mean that the same will necessarily apply next year.

“This year there were so many things speaking in favour of Rusanen. In addition to making his Savonlinna debut, he is an artist with a first-class attitude and personality. He represents precisely the artistic and human values I would like to be associated with the Savonlinna Opera Festival.”

Audiences will have a chance to meet Ville Rusanen at the Wanha Kasino at 14.00 on July 13. With him will be Tuula Hällström (pianist) and Aarno Cronvall (presenter). Tickets €20, including coffee and cake.


Wanha Kasino