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Looking forward to the festival season

The preparations and rehearsals have reached fever pitch in Savonlinna. You can see just how much everyone’s enjoying the run-up to first night both in Olavinlinna Castle and at the rehearsal halls all over town. This year the Opera Festival presents two new productions of its own, of which the first to be premiered is Otello. Immerse yourself in the rehearsal atmosphere with the OPERA blog (in Finnish). Click here for tickets for Otello.

Ville Rusanen is arrested – watch the video

The other new Festival production is Leoš Janáček’s From the House of the Dead – a work of startling, virtuosic music guaranteed not to leave anyone cold. The opera is based on the autobiographical prison-camp novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It would be almost criminal to let this experience of the gulag pass. Watch the video of Ville’s fate (in Finnish). Click here for tickets for From the House of the Dead.

First visit to Finland by top conductor Riccardo Muti

Riccardo Muti, one of today’s most legendary conductors, will be appearing at the Opera Festival on July 17 with the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra. With them they are bringing two symphonies, both classics and ultra-popular with audiences: No. 5 (“Fate”) by Ludwig van Beethoven and No. (“The Unfinished”) by Franz Schubert. Click here for tickets.

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Midsummer greetings from Savonlinna!