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3/14/2012 Opera by You is the world´s first online community opera project

Savonlinna Opera Festival launched Opera by You project in May 2010. In the project anyone can contribute to the creation of an opera. Any member of the online community can help to write the libretto, compose the music and design the sets and costumes – from beginning to end. The Savonlinna Opera Festival will be placing world-class soloists, a chorus of 80, a symphony orchestra and its entire production machinery at the community’s disposal. The online community opera will be premiered at Savonlinna Opera Festival on 21st July 2012.

Online community
Opera by You online community is open for everyone. The community communicates in English to allow people from all over the world to understand each other’s. Most of the members are Finnish, but USA, UK, Italy, Spain and Peru are well presented. The community has a crucial part in creating the opera. Project proceeds gradually and each part of it includes communal brainstorming via the website.

Working alongside with the online community are operatives, a group of opera professionals: the Savonlinna Opera Festival’s Head of Productions Jukka Pohjolainen, composer Markus Fagerudd, opera director Jere Erkkilä, librettist Iida Hämeen-Anttila, visualist Samuli Laine and project manager Päivi Salmi. Operatives have special guest members when making decisions on different areas of the project. Operatives make the final decisions regarding the project with the help of the online community.

Internet platform
The opera is operated in Star Wreck Studio’s Wreckamovie web platform. Star Wreck Studio is a film studio that is specialized in blending the internet and the film industry together. Tampere (Finland) based company is known for the world’s first feature-length collaborative internet film Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, that was published in 2005.

The main partners for the project are Helsingin Sanomat and Nokia. The idea is being developed and worked on in partnership with hasan & partners advertising agency, Drum Communications and online collaborative film company Wreckamovie.

Current news / March 2012
Italian Graziano Gallo’s Free Will has been chosen as the theme of the opera. The three geniuses are Mozart, Oscar Wilde and Joan of Arc. The fourth lead is Lucifer. Opera will take place in year 2012. Libretto has been written and pianoscore is ready. Also stage sets design and costume design have been finalized. Online community is currently working on stage direction and marketing activities planning. Free Will’s world premiere is at Savonlinna Opera Festival on 21st July 2012. Up to date information on project: http://www.wreckamovie.com/productions/operabyyou/blog
Wreckamovie’s Opera by You community has over 400 members and the Facebook group over 600 friends of opera from all over the world.

Chosen synopsis in short
God has had enough of all the misery that people are suffering from and calls a meeting with the angels. They decide to send a couple of dead genius back to Earth to make things better. They are supposed to make a huge difference in science and art and create world peace.

Anyone can join in making an opera at operabyyou.wreckamovie.com
Press material at www.operabyyou.com
Further information:
Päivi Salmi, project manager, Savonlinna Opera Festival
+358 40 774 0919